Collection: InLine

The InLine's are our flagship Design for the ProFlex Goggle system. The InLine's follow the bottom line of the skirt more closely for an appealing line and better coverage for your ears especially if you wear your strap high. 3rd accent grommet allows for better color matching and provides additional support for the multi layerd foam variants. 

The InLine's are available in 3 tiers: 

  • Regular: 1 layer of 6mm EVA foam
  • PRO: 2 layers of 3mm EVA foam w/ 1 layer of nylon webbing between
  • ELITE: 3 layers of 2mm EVA foam w/ 2 layers of nylon webbing between
    • This allows for superior protection as well as cutout accent options

Bundle and save: 

  • 3+ pairs = 15% discount use code 3PACK at checkout
  • 5+ pairs = 20% discount use code 5PACK at checkout
  • 10+ pairs = 25% discount use code 10PACK at checkout
  • 20+ pairs = 30% discount use code 20PACK at checkout