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PRO InLine V2 Builder

PRO InLine V2 Builder

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Build your custom ears!  The lines of the V2 have been improved to match the natural arc of the ProFlex bottom line more closely. Closer fit between the upper and lower frames for a more snug fit. The PRO version of the InLine V2 is made from 2 layers of 3mm EVA foam w/ a layer of Nylon webbing between to improve strength and durability. Get pumped or give yourself a reminder before playing w/ optional interior engraving. 

Choose the color of the grommets, they are installed at both of the connection points to the mask to improve durability and eliminate the holes tearing out as well as a 3rd accent grommet behind the ear. Optionally leave the bottom grommet out to make use of your favorite plugs. The new design also lets you choose to wear your strap "concealed" or "open."

For the double strap crowd you now have new options for installing your strap. By using the new cutout to route your strap the leverage point is moved further back improving comfort and fit. 

Please reach out with any questions. 

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